DBIC insurance products

No two dental practices are alike. That’s why at DBIC we tailor our coverage to best protect your unique business interests. With our singular focus on the dental industry the personal assistance of our expert staff, means that when you have questions, we have the answers.

We've got your back

We work with dentists. We love the dental field. And understand your business. Just ask one of the thousands of dentists that we have personally served. You’ll get our direct numbers, we’ll pick up when you call, and if we’re on the other line, we’ll call you right back. We’ll also answer your questions when you don’t know who to ask.

Find out how to strengthen and protect your practice with:

If you’re not sure you have the right level of coverage you can count on DBIC to make sure you’re protected. and one of our practice protection experts will take time to understand your unique needs before filtering through the vast amount of options and providing a custom recommendation.