CyberSecurity for Dental Practices, offered by DBC and underwritten by Chubb

Help protect your practice from the threat of cyber fraud

Do you know how much a data breach could cost your dental practice?

  • About $214 per compromised patient record to meet compliance*
    • The cost of notifying all patients involved
    • Credit monitoring — a 500-record breach could cost around $107,000*
    • The cost of contacting necessary federal and state authorities and the media
  • The loss of personal and staff time
  • Damage to your reputation
  • Civil lawsuits by patients

A data breach can quickly overwhelm and paralyze your business.

If you were to experience a data breach, would you know which state and federal laws apply, or how to notify your patients and authorities properly?

More than ever, the government is cracking down on non-compliance. If you have a breach that involves 500 or more patients, federal regulations require you to notify all patients affected, as well as the Department of Health and Human Services. If you don’t precisely follow these regulations, you put yourself at risk for non-compliance penalties.

A data breach can happen to anyone

Think it will never happen to your practice? Think again. In 2011, data breaches increased 32 percent among healthcare organizations polled in a recent study.* The majority of those data breaches were caused by simple mistakes, such as leaving a computer where it could be stolen or placing confidential documents in a recycling bin. Furthermore, the use of electronic health records systems and mobile devices may increase your risk, leaving patient information exposed to:

  • Theft or loss
  • Malware and hacking
  • Unauthorized access or disclosure — even by a trusted employee
  • Improper disposal

Even if you use state-of-the-art data security controls, encrypted information may still be at risk. The bottom line is that a data breach can strike at any time, from half a world away or from someone very close to your business.

Cyber security insurance helps protect your practice

DBC has served dentists exclusively for more than 25 years and is pleased to align with Chubb, a premier provider of cyber security insurance, to offer a solution tailored for the dental community. CyberSecurity for DBC customers from Chubbis designed tohelp you manage the risks and costs associated with data breaches. 

CyberSecurity policies for DBC customers from Chubb provide you with valuable coverage options including:

  • A comprehensive investigation into a data breach
  • The cost of notification and credit monitoring to all patients affected
  • Legal defense, plus coverage for damages, judgments and settlements

Leverage our expertise

DBC is committed to ongoing data breach risk management and prevention. Chubb’s CyberSecurity insurance for DBC customers also includes access to Chubb’s E-Risk Hub®, an online portal that can help you take steps necessary in the event of a breach or calculate the cost of how a breach might impact your business.

Call DBC for a quote on CyberSecurity insurance from Chubb to help you transfer the financial risk of a loss and provide you with valuable resources to help protect your business.

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*Ponemon Institute, “Second Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security.” Dec. 2011, sponsored by ID Experts.